• The Rock Inn (map)
  • PL20 6DS

Low Key & No Marquee, is the theme for this years New Years Eve event here at the Rock Inn.

Focusing on more of a family event, we're hosting an evening of music in the main bar with warm up from "Phil Cooper" from 9, then headlining band, "The Roosters", a well loved local Jump, Jive & Wail band. 

The Roosters, a 5 piece band, perform '40's to 50's hits of Louis Prima and Louis Jordon and have been entertaining for 10 years. The Roosters regularly perform at Annabel's on Plymouth's Barbican and have also performed at Port Elliot, Barbican Jazz, Blues Fest and our very own Rockfest! Carol Gasser, one of the South-West's finest Saxophonists playing in the band, is just one reason why you should come to join us here for New Years Eve.

To book your table please call 01822852022