Sky Walkers are a fun, versatile and eclectic band from the Tavistock and East Cornwall area, UK.

Their aim is to delight and entertain, whilst raising money for charity, particularly St Luke's hospice

They have a great line-up, including male and female vocals, fiery guitar, and the fastest fiddler in the West. They play a lively and varied mix of rock, pop, folk, jazz and R&B, designed to get you moving and having a great time.

Sky Walkers was formed by Higgi and Karen in happy memory of their sister and friend Amanda, who sang with Mr Kites Benefit Band and the Pepper show raising money for her local hospice. Amanda died from cancer at a young age but performed with the band throughout her illness. 

The hospice team for which she raised money, cared for her through her illness and enabled her to die peacefully at home, where she wanted to be. Amanda would have approved of our choice of charity, and she'll be singing along somewhere.

Total donated to St Lukes so far: £4522

Total indirectly raised for St Lukes and other charities: thousands more!